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About NAB Spot Center

The NAB Spot Center is a destination for local radio and television broadcasters seeking public educational materials from credible organizations on important societal topics. Broadcasters may download and air public service materials voluntarily and at their discretion.

Broadcasters have an unparalleled record of public service in local communities. Read about the many ways they are serving their communities here.

Frequently Asked Questions for PSA Submissions

How do I submit PSAs to NAB Spot Center?

Email a link to your files to NAB Director of Public Affairs Melissa Eastlake at NAB welcomes submissions for consideration from established government and non-profit entities seeking to educate the public on issues of national importance. Submissions for consideration should be broadcast-quality, educational in nature, non-controversial, non-political and not running as part of a paid advertising campaign.

What is the cost for placement on NAB Spot Center?

This service is provided free of charge to both organizations providing PSAs and to broadcasters.

What are the requirements for audio and video files?

Spots should be broadcast-quality in both content and technical specifications. Complete specs for video files are below:

File Formats:
We accept Apple Pro Res and MPEG2.
Apple ProRes 422 HD
Quality HQ
1920 X 1080
16X9 Aspect Ratio
Frame Rate: 29.97
Color Space: YUV
Scan Type: Interlaced Upper First
Color Primaries: BT 709
Audio Channels: 2 or 8
Audio Sample Rate: 16-bit
MPEG2 Transport Stream HD 4:2:2 CBR
Video Bit Rate: 60 MB
Long GOP
Interlaced Upper First
Frame Size: 1920 X 1080
16X9 Aspect Ratio
Frame Rate: 29.97
MPEG1 Layer 2 Audio
Audio Sample Rate: 48K
Audio Profile: Stereo 384Kbps

Standard lengths are :15, :30 and :60 seconds. Closed captioning and spot tracking are not required but are recommended.

Radio PSAs should be submitted as MP3 files. Again, standard lengths are :15, :30 and :60 seconds, and spot tracking is not required but is recommended.

Additional relevant materials, such as PDF broadcaster guides, may also be included.

Do you promote NAB Spot Center and uploaded spots to broadcasters?

Yes, NAB regularly promotes Spot Center and the most recently uploaded spots in our newsletter, The Wrap, and other outlets. While we cannot guarantee placements or accept advertising to guarantee promotion, we're enthusiastic about promoting these spots. Please feel free to send informational copy along with spot submissions.

Do you provide analytics from NAB Spot Center? How will I know if my spots are being downloaded and aired?

We recommend that you or your video producer add spot tracking codes to your video and audio files before finalizing the files and uploading them to NAB Spot Center. NAB can connect you with our preferred vendor who can provide spot tracking services for your organization at a reasonable rate. Please email Melissa Eastlake, director of Public Affairs, for more information about spot tracking services.


If you need assistance with downloading PSAs or would like to learn more about NAB's Spot Center and public service efforts, please contact Melissa Eastlake, director of Public Affairs.

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